[permaculture] Avatar eco movie ~ A message & movement to save Planet Earth?

Olive Tree olivetrii at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 5 00:33:20 EST 2010

Here's a good sounding plan to use the Avatar movie, which has a pretty impressive environmental message for a huge corporate film, to support real grassroots environmental activism!

Anyone here use facebook??

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I believe that Avatar is an amazing teachable moment for Earth activism.

But more importantly -- it could be an opportunity for us to organize a groundswell of critically needed support for global indigenous environmental movements.

Avatar has already grossed over $1 billion ... What if we could raise even 1% of that amount to support grassroots non-profit indigenous environmental causes?

Better yet -- What if we could convince the makers of Avatar -- James Cameron etc. -- to donate a meaningful portion of their box office receipts to indigenous environmental groups?

That is the goal of a new Facebook group -- Avatar $1 billion ~ Save Planet Earth, Share The Money! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=265905035119&ref=mf

Please join the group! The goal is to gain 5,000 members -- THIS WEEK -- who are all committed to raising $5 million for non-profit indigenous environmental and cultural protection groups. After that, I believe we will be an unstoppable force to help indigenous peoples save planet Earth!! Let's show all Avatar fans that we can make a real difference to save OUR planet ... and convince the creators of Avatar that they also need to put their money into positive action!!
DESCRIPTION OF THE CAUSE: Avatar is breaking records in its popularity, already earning over $1 billion in box office sales. Avatar has a positive environmental message, but can it do more by coming to the aid of Earth's indigenous eco-saviors? The Avatar movie is a beautiful, brilliant fictional story about another planet where the native population wins victory to save their homeland from environmental destruction by greedy humans. But here on planet Earth, indigenous peoples are also struggling to save their ancestral lands from destruction by corporate exploitation and invading cultures. They need more help! 

Let's encourage James Cameron, 20th Century Fox, and the actors, actresses and filmmakers who created Avatar to continue spreading their positive message of environmental justice. We call upon them to donate a meaningful portion of Avatar's proceeds to grassroots non-profit indigenous environmental groups who benefit all humanity with their hard work to protect planet Earth!

We can do it! Let's start by gaining 5,000 members of this Facebook group who are all committed to raising $5 million for these indigenous leaders. Let's create the unstoppable momentum of a movement that all Avatar fans, and those who worked to create it, will be inspired to support and join!


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