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Tripp Tibbetts slowfoodguy at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 4 12:54:20 EST 2010

grifenhope at gmail.com wrote:
> Are we convinced, as a pseúdo movement, that co2 ís a problem? 

Certainly not one that can't be undone with proper focus on real solutions (eg Keyline pastoral carbon capture en masse), instead of whatever is making the corporations the most money at the time.
I definitely don't think a bunch of fatcats chatting each other up about carbon cap and trade, while cloistered in the glad-handing and back-slapping halls of commerce is the answer...
...unless of course the question is, how do we make a fortune off of carbon hysteria?
Again, I can't help but think that the problem is the solution.  That excess atmospheric carbon may be precisely what's needed to refoliate the planet.  That humans, as an integral part of nature, are just as susceptible to her whims as any other biological population.  That there is a groundswell of people out there setting the standard for truly responsible living.  (Maybe even a few in the US!)  That model systems are popping up in a cellular way, pock-marking the industrial world's landscape with biodiverse refugia of various sizes and stages of succession.  Then it all slowly connects, bringing about exponential rehabilitation with each passing season.  
How much fretting and hand-wringing the nodes do about the state of the internodes is probably up to us.
Just the way I see it.
Tripp out.

The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow.
-Chinese proverb


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