[permaculture] Link to "Pc U" in Costa Rica

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at bellsouth.net
Sun Jan 3 18:09:21 EST 2010

christopher nesbitt wrote:
> According to the Network Who Is, our lads are registered for one year,  
> not always an indicator of scam activity, but one

It may not actually be fraud unless they claim explicit permaculture credentials
fraudulently. I was using the term loosely. Their "operation" (selling real estate under the guise
of teaching legitimate mainstream permaculture) is the sleaziest thing I have seen so far.
Only the irresponsible permaculture group in France, brought to our attention years ago, was worse.
I think it would be wise to nip this kind of thing on the bud if at all possible to protect the good image permaculture 
has around thew world, on all economic and  societal strata. How to do that, well, start with this list and Paul's
forum and elsewhere if site owners are willing to offer the good heads up.


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