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is anyone else interested in this conference ? we will most probably be
attending ...

Nicholas Roberts & Kirstie Stramler

Denmark 36 96 49 02
Australia 02 8003 6993
USA 310 598 2989

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Subject: California Co-op Conference 2010 Registration Now Open
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       *California Co-op Conference 2010
Schedule of Events
[image: California Co-op Conference 2010]
*The Glaser Center
547 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Driving Directions<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103032027001&s=1249&e=001KUPqQJ_gsRc4sWoHtwgasg3tJj7tCjsG2PFjMZLxn6StEOHIa16LTepWDJAavN59n85hRnL3tFY0U-YBtaqON5IsZWP1c8hT4HAFYi1TkyxHAvGk0frXIyIKXg6Sn8rkjZ0S01g6xz-jCcKjGNxhCYU_fJ7hapU1WlkDNR9D6atshoS2QUuykLH7LCqn9jGT08hQ4wUkzVs=>

*April 09, 2010 at 08:00 AM
April 10, 2010 at 05:00 PM
*Add to my calendar<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103032027001&s=1249&e=001KUPqQJ_gsReF40xhh4S9KUIn0Yn9C_B1_Cn-CexOqKHnwkDNZJ1vD4FFstdnJarJhFwFN45aPJOKEl3ZJa0swTfIbG2kCIbxH0qJXJ0Pdi-E_lbqoG3ETcnFU0fRokNLkBSMZCjJrb2jZD9GIaZcFtfTmrxURGuwfW9_toxjP7lNhAowxTK4XARM_z8uKjA5yAiEHErc_3k=>

  For more detailed information, go to

or call 530-297-1032.
 [image: California Co-op Conference 2010]
       *Dear Nicholas,*

*Take advantage of early registration by March 15th and save $20! Please
also visit our events page for a detailed conference agenda and updated
workshop descriptions!

This year's CA Co-op Conference offers you another exciting opportunity to
network with co-operators from around the state.  The schedule below
includes workshops that build wealth and enhance local communities.  Be sure
to check out the exciting social event on Friday night, and don't forget to
bring a little extra money for the auction!

*MCLE credit is available for attorneys and accountants.*
 *Early registration discount runs through March
*Conference Schedule *
* *
*Friday, April 9*
8:30    Breakfast & Registration
9:30    Keynote Address: Jim Anderson, Evergreen
          Panel: "Wealth Creation in Low-Income Communities
                      of California"
11:15  - Cooperatives 101
          - Incentivizing Growth
          - Co-ops in Economically Challenging Times
12:30  Lunch
1:30    - Facilitation & Decision Making
          - Local Currencies
          - Community-Supported Ag Distribution Models
3:00    Break
3:15    - Financing Co-op Development
          - Cooperation & the International Market
4:45    1st Day Plenary
5:30    Social: Light Dinner, Co-op Idol, Auction & Fun!

*Saturday, April 10*
9:00    Breakfast & Registration
10:00  Panel: "Reviving Local Economies"
10:45  - Roles & Responsibilities for Governing Bodies
          - The Credit Union Difference
          -21st Century Food Co-ops:Unique
           Strategies & Structures
12:00  Lunch
1:00    - Marketing the Co-op Model: Improving
             Visibility & Reaching Out To Youth
          - New Food Co-op Issues Roundtable
          - Legal & Financial Strategies for Worker Co-ops
2:30    Break
2:45    - Mondragon: Cornerstone of the Co-op Movement
          - Structure for Success: Q&A with Cooperative Law
              Specialists (MCLE)
          - Understanding Budgets and Financial Statements
4:00    Closing Plenary
5:00    Conference Ends
          [image: Safe
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