[permaculture] transition from urban lawn to permaculture landscape

kenny swain monkeywrenchsc at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 23 01:24:35 EST 2010

Looking for some advice for the best strategy to begin transitioning my conventional lawn/tree area.  I just purchased a home and it has a big front lawn that I'd like to use for gardening and a privacy hedge.  I am considering sheet mulching, but am confused as to which method/materials to employ - I'm not sure if at the end of the day it matters whether I do it correctly.  There was a significant amount of ivy (English I think) which I have removed and have heard mixed advice as to whether it is okay to chip/shred and use as mulch.  Also, will the sheet mulch kill the ivy if I don't get rid of all of the runners/roots?  I'd like to take a pc design course, but work too much and can't afford to take off a week+ of work.  It seems as though I can't find a happy medium in the books I've read -they're either written with large scale applications in mind or are too vague in instructions.  I'm pretty excited to begin, but don't know where to begin.
Thanks for any help. 


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