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hi Andrew

in Australia it evolved into Australian Ethical Investments amongst other

it would be great if there was as much published on financial permaculture
as there was done on food forests and perennial polyculture

there are excellent, factual, practical permaculture books and projects
focussing on food systems

but in my view to research done on financial permaculture doesnt go past
conspiracist-gold standard nonsense and local currencies.. both extreme
polarities... i.e. world conspiracy of bankers control everything, therefore
we need a really loose and badly managed local currency system with no
checks and balances

I understand the TTT people are working on a local currency book, the Totnes
Pound is a Industrial Provident Society...

any chance that the PCU will start issuing currency ?

I also think its one of the biggest weaknesses of the permaculture movement,
it never managed to organise a formal, global cooperative economic framework

thats what we have been researching, a global permaculture cooperative


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> I ran across an audio recording of Bill Mollison called "Funding The
> Revolution" wherein he described his use of credit-unions and
> socially-responsible investment banking to fund permaculture projects
> worldwide. He named his project The Earth Bank.
> There doesn't seem to be an online presence. Is it still in existence?
> Where/How can I contact them?
> If not that's not much of a matter for me, My real interest is in learning
> more about the history of it's formation as well as the actual business
> model (combination of legal structures used, how they applied them, etc.).
> If anyone can help me out, you would make my day! :D
> Thx,
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> Andrew Edwin McSwain
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