[permaculture] The Earth Bank

Andrew McSwain aeromax.way at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 09:14:04 EST 2010

I ran across an audio recording of Bill Mollison called "Funding The
Revolution" wherein he described his use of credit-unions and
socially-responsible investment banking to fund permaculture projects
worldwide. He named his project The Earth Bank.

There doesn't seem to be an online presence. Is it still in existence?
Where/How can I contact them?

If not that's not much of a matter for me, My real interest is in learning
more about the history of it's formation as well as the actual business
model (combination of legal structures used, how they applied them, etc.).

If anyone can help me out, you would make my day! :D

Andrew Edwin McSwain
055(11)6785-1176 (São Paulo)
01(501)681-0439 (United States)

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