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 *More McGaia<http://gaiapermaculture.com/projects/climatewar/blog/2009/08/15/mcgaia-corporate-permaculture-family-friendly-geo-genetic-socially-engineered-organic-perennial-polyculture/>
 from Corby Kummer, The
In this one, Wal-mart will replace CSA’s.*
McGaia - Walmart as community-supported
18, 2010


IN AN IDEAL WORLD, people would buy their food directly from the people who
grew or caught it, or grow and catch it themselves. But most people can’t do
that. If there were a Walmart closer to where I live, I would probably shop

I’m not sure I’m convinced that the world’s largest retailer is set on
rebuilding local economies it had a hand in destroying, if not literally,
then in effect. But I’m convinced that if it wants to, a ruthlessly well-run
mechanism can bring fruits and vegetables back to land where they once
flourished, and deliver them to the people who need them most.

*Corby Kummer, The


my much earlier, McGaia piece

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