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Thanks Keith,

I've got some projects that I could put Matt to wonderful use on!

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On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 5:45 PM, Keith Johnson <keithdj at mindspring.com>wrote:

> This fellow Matt wrote me the following but, not being a technical geeky
> person, I could not suggest any functional application of his skills to
> the needs of the magazine. Perhaps someone else out there could utilize,
> or at least suggest an application for, his talents.
> Keith
> Greetings Keith!
> I have been enjoying Permaculture Activist magazine for the past 2 years
> and checking up on the website frequently - it's a great resource and has
>  provided me many useful links and new ideas.  I wanted to get in touch
> with you because I thought you might be interested in an idea I have, or at
>  least be able to offer a bit of insight.  Basically, I am a computer
> scientist in the process of becoming an ecologist.  Though I have been a
> successful
>  freelance programmer for about 10 years, with projects including computer
> modeling, information systems, and content management, I have found
>  that my interests truly lie with the hard science of the natural world.
>  However I have developed a lot of expertise over the years and before I, at
> least
>  in part, leave computer programming behind I want to explore arenas for
> bridging these two fields, and especially sharing with those working on the
>  more radical or unsung levels of the ecological struggle, for instance
> permaculture.
> With all this in mind my question to you then would be - what kinds of
> information systems needs can the permaculture movement specifically benefit
> from?
> A good deal of my more recent experience has been with the web, so that
> could be a place to start.  For instance I am involved in the development
> of open source web-based content management software that seeks to focus on
> ease of use for managing web content.  I'm also involved in a similar
> project
> for managing magazine subscriptions.  Of course, PcA must already have
> systems in place for these things, but I'm interested in any additional
> challenges may
> be from your perspective, especially for managing any information that is
> permaculture specific.
> Let me know if you are interested in dialogging about any of this!  If
> there is some synergy perhaps something mutually beneficial could come from
> this, otherwise
> it's just a pleasure to make your acquaintance and keep up the good work.
> matt  <deepwinter at winterroot.net>
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