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Subject: [SANET-MG] A Student's Request - Can someone provide assistance?
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Dear Friends:
For my Masters Research project, I am writing a booklet of all the
most common species in Eastern Pennsylvania that students should learn
as part of their life science, biology, or environmental science
curriculum. Of course, its usage would not be mandatory in classrooms,
but wouldn't it be great to have an abridged field guide that was
easily duplicated to give to all of our students to use whenever they
This booklet would help in aligning with the PA Environment and
Ecology Standards, while firmly rooted in the belief system of No
Child Left Inside. The books that are written already for PA are
great, but it would be difficult to get them into all of our students'
possession to keep; and how detailed does an introductory guide need
to be? If a student wishes to have more detailed information, they can
always reference one of the Stoke's, Peterson's, Sibley's, or
Audubon's that we all have in our classrooms. This is just a snapshot
of things that a good citizen should know. I am asking for your input
as to which species should be included.
This request is primarily going to formal and informal educators
across the Commonwealth, and the booklet is aimed at high school aged
students east of the Allegheny Plateau. Feel free to participate, even
if you do not live around here, your feedback is also valuable. It
should take you 5-7 minutes, and will be available until March First.
Please share this link with your friends throughout the EE,
Conservation, and Science community. I appreciate your time. Click
HERE to begin the survey. Also, the link is available through my
website at henshue.org
Nick Henshue
Environmental Sciences Department
Easton Area High School

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