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Lois Grossman lgrossm2 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 20:29:26 EST 2010

Hi, Thomas

In October 0f 2008 I built a "lasagna" garden that I'm very proud of. It was
built on cardboard that was laid on unplowed land. The first year there were
nine layers of peat, organic cow manure, seaweed, scythed hay, compost (our
own), and grass clippings. That is shown in the reddish strip you see at the
bottom of the picture, which was taken a year later, in October 2009. I'm
layering more material on top of the old, without turning the soil and will
plant directly in it in May. Last year we had bountiful yields of peas,
beans, chard, New Zealand spinach and cucumbers. I will plant more deeply
rooted crops as the soil depth increases.

The garden is in Eastport, Maine. Feel free to use the photograph if it is
helpful to you.

Lois Grossman

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 4:53 AM, Thomas Jahn <tpj at life.ku.dk> wrote:

> I have just written an article that should be published this week on
> an online block (in Danish) on a website called videnskab.dk
> (research.dk). In this article I promote the idea of implementing
> permaculture principles in agriculture and to undertake focused
> research at universities in this direction.
> I would like to post a picture of a buzzing permaculture site for
> readers to get an idea of the system. I focus in the article a lot on
> soil quality. So a picture of a soil rich in organic matter would also
> be very welcome.
> Could anybody support me with one or two picture and would allow me to
> put them on the net for that purpose?
> Thanks
> Thomas
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