[permaculture] what is your Montana address?

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Tue Feb 9 22:15:50 EST 2010

> What is your mail address and I will send you my posters.

paul wheaton
2120 s reserve #351
missoula, mt 59801

> Maybe you'll come to one of my workshops and/or we can get together for
> a confab at some point.


Remember when we met?  You had a fabulous PDC at sahale and I was one
of your students?  Well, now it is five years later and I'll be a
guest instructor there on Feb 27.  There's also going to be a sahale
alumni gathering there on the same day.

So it is one of those bittersweet things:  I'll get to be part of
something that started with you, but I won't get to see you.

I have already pushed your information out to a few hundred people in
the missoula area - along with the two videos with you in it.

> Nice to se eyour list of articles and youtubes piling up.

Thanks for starring in two of the videos!

I think I have enough footage for two more videos with you.  One on
lungwort and one on the values of several species of trees (maple,
cottonwood and yew were mentioned).

How long will you be in the missoula area?  Maybe I'll get back before
you go?  Maybe I can get some more video footage of you!

I'll be presenting on Sepp Holzer in missoula on Feb 25th and on March
4th.  Free, at the missoula public library.  In fact, if you give me a
healthy stack of flyers, I'll make sure they are available at the Feb
25th event.

In fact, between my two events and your three events, all packed
roughly into one week, I suspect that this is more permaculture
activity than western montana has ever seen.  Perma-palooza!

How full are your classes?

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