[permaculture] Fwd: Community Disaster Management and Permaculture Aid in Aceh - Petra Schneider of IDEP Foundation, Bali

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Tue Feb 9 06:32:27 EST 2010

*Petra Schneider explains how permaculture has been proven in post-tsunami
Aceh and post-conflict Timor as a strategy following community-based
disaster management*

Petra Schneider of IDEP Foundation, Bali, Indonesia, describes the history
of the foundation doing post-tsunami disaster relief and permaculture aid.
She explains the start of the trainer-the-trainer network with Robyn Francis,
and its origins in post-tsunami work done by Steve Cran and Ego Lamos and
the evolution of the Aceh-wide permaculture networks.

Yayasan IDEP is an Indonesian non-profit NGO (Non-Governmental
Organization). Innovative and effective, IDEP encourages program sharing
with other grass roots projects through media and curriculum development.

We are committed to developing self-sustainability and directly empowering
local communities to improve their own situations. We believe that permanent
results can be achieved through local empowerment.

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