[permaculture] Haiti Earthquake Relief Donations to Who? some trusted, good grassroots relief organisations

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*hi Carolyn, try this much earlier post*


*Help for Haiti: Supporting grassroots organizations after a disaster is

*As we learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, not all aid is equal*.
Haiti’s January 12th earthquake has left thousands dead. Many more need
urgent medical attention.

To donate to grassroots rebuilding efforts, *Food First recommends* *Grassroots
*, *Haiti Action <http://www.haitiaction.net/About/HERF/1_12_10.html>* and
for longer-term work, *Agricultural
*. For urgent medical needs, *Partners in
*and *Doctors without
* are the largest in country health providers left standing after the quake,
and have impeccable records.


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> Do you have any suggestions?
> I have held back on my donations for exactly the reasons you outline here,
> but I don't really know what organizations are worthy of my support.
> Thanks.
> Carolyn Anderson

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