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LUF Blog

The Living Universe Foundation
The Foundation's main activity can now be found on the Yahoo Group luf-team.

luf-team · Living Universe Foundation
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Also active:
     * luf-admin
     * luf-phoenix
     * luf-website

And their blog:
LUF Blog

We want to save the Earth's biosphere, settle the oceans and space, end 
hunger and poverty, utilize alternative sources of energy, bring about a 
better democracy and economy to the world, and generally provide a 
standard of living and quality of life far beyond anything mankind has 
ever experienced.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
LUF Revival
If you haven't checked in on LUF-Team for a while, you might like to 
know that a revival of activity is underway.

For the past few months activity has focused on :

     * Re-establishing the LUF as a corporate entity,
     * Completing and adding media to TMP2,
     * Developing a new website to organize knowledge and members, and
     * Determining the steps needed to establish the Foundation Phase of 

This could be considered a reboot. We are basically starting from 
scratch with the new TMP2, some old timers as well as some new blood and 
trying to make a different kind of organization. Come check it out!

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