[permaculture] Solar ovens to Haiti

Toby Hemenway toby at patternliteracy.com
Sat Feb 6 18:03:20 EST 2010

A story about solar stoves: Friends of Ianto Evans's were aid workers in 
Central Africa. They brought a bunch of solar cookers with them, 
figuring that since they were simply cardboard and mylar, they'd were 
appropriately low-tech. Taught lots of people in several villages how to 
use them. When they came back two years later, they could find no trace 
of the cookers, and everyone was still cooking over a wood fire. Then 
they noticed that lots of people had little pieces of reflective mylar 
sewn into their clothes. They finally got someone to sheepishly explain 
to them, "We don't cook with the sun. We cook with wood. But the things 
you brought made lovely jewelry."

Ianto is full of little moral tales like this one.


jenny Nazak wrote:
> Lawrence, I am a huge fan of rocket stoves. As little fuel as they 
> need - just twigs - does Haiti have even that much wood locally available?
> The task would be to find fast-growing coppiceable fuelwood species 
> for the region. Anyone know which trees fit this bill? First place to 
> look would be Dominican Republic: right next door, and hasn't been 
> deforested as Haiti has.
> And while those trees are being grown, the locals need an interim 
> supply of sticks to fuel those wonderful, high-efficiency, 
> low-emission rocket stoves.
> Jenny
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