[permaculture] Solar ovens to Haiti

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 5 21:55:42 EST 2010

jenny Nazak wrote:
> Lawrence, I am a huge fan of rocket stoves. As little fuel as they
need - just twigs - does Haiti have even that much wood locally available?

As Scott Pittman suggested, fuel-gas for cooking and water heating could 
be supplied on a temporary basis, as the coppice woodlots are reaching 
harvestable stage. Better yet, if a multi-fuel/multi-gas burner could be
used in the rocket stove, or a similar fuel-efficient stove, then they 
could use butane for while then switch to methane from humanure. Haiti 
could become a grand testbed for all types of renewable energy, 
horticulture, permaculture and natural farming and gardening ventures.
Remember the earlier post about the site in Africa that collects 
humanure from an array of johnnyhouses feeding a central collection and 
digester facility, producing methane for cooking. I have seen the 
website for this particular project. Its for real.

> The task would be to find fast-growing coppiceable fuelwood species
for the region. Anyone know which trees fit this bill? First place to
look would be Dominican Republic: right next door, and hasn't been
deforested as Haiti has.

That would be a good plan to follow.

> And while those trees are being grown, the locals need an interim
supply of sticks to fuel those wonderful, high-efficiency, low-emission
rocket stoves.

I think the humanure/methane conversion units could be quickly built
in an array of sites covering the country.

1) modified porta-potties on a large platform covering
2) a large humanure collection/digestion tank(s) (drop from toilet 
directly into tank(s)) just like an outhouse, into a pit
3) gas collection apparatus/filtration unit/pump would be able to fill 
pressurized cylinders for distribution to households and individuals and 
families in refugee camps - have the system set up to pump methane gas
on demand (as it is generated) into banks of cylinders (as one is filled 
it is taken offline and is replaced with an empty cylinder from the bank)

Invent a gas burning "rocket stove" that can burn butane, propane (kinda 
nasty fumes) and methane.

Obviously, the wood burning rocket stoves would be safer to use and more 
easily adapted to multipurpose use than the gas burning units.

Could Cubaaaaaa or the Dominican Repiblic be counted on to provide 
quantities of wood (twigs, compressed packets of grass or other dried 
weeds) for the stoves on a temporary basis.

What do you think?

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