[permaculture] Bench Marking and Economic Site assessment

dANIEL hALSEY dhalsey at integra.net
Fri Feb 5 19:01:51 EST 2010

After reading some of the end game post I though I'd d some insight for the
perspective of a man that has seen a few recessions from a self employed
point of view.

I work in graphic design and photography for new products, mostly food.
I and my compatriots are the FIRST to see new products and the first to feel
the pinch in economic bust. This one is long and by the way, there ain't
nothing is the pipeline. R&D is not happening. Brochures and marketing for
new products is non-existent. Except in the small tech area, that seems to
attract goggle bucks form the poorest and the meagerly employed, the
industrial sector is a shambles, warehouses are full of the last items from
the assembly line and other warehouse are full of the same USED equipment
from defunct companies. That will have to go first.

But so what! What does that mean?  It means not relying or using the
economic system to exist. It means using your brain and self sufficiency
genes to acquire what you need from the place it has always come from,

The corporations live on money and our sweat. We need clean air, water and
fertile soil. They do not. We need clothing and food and shelter. They do
not. They only need money which we will work for and supply to them. The
same goes for government. It all about the money. you work to get it, pay to
use it, lose a little of its value every time you touch it. Get rid of the
dollar and you increase your assets by 30% instantly. Everything you buy
cost you 20-25% before you even spent the cash. Grow food, barter for
services, share equipment and muscle, and what do you have?  A community, a
village of integrated talents and resources that improve the standard of
living and fill your root cellar an shelves with food.

When we have economic problem, who does the media and government go to.
Economists. The ones that never saw it coming, caused the problem, can't fix
it. They only can evangelize about economic models they have studied or own.
There business is to stay in business sounding expert like. Its all about
jobs and production and consumerism. Gee, the same thing they have in mind
for Haiti. We impose our broken economic model on every country we want to
consume. Our country consumes the sweat of others since ours is too
expensive. Haitians make $5 a day working in sweat shops making our clothes.
Do they need better sweat shops?  How do you rebuild a slum? That is what
most of Haiti is by our standards. Do we rebuild a city that the occupants
cannot afford to live in.

Here is a better model for us and them. Chickens. Send 20,000 chickens to
Haiti, They will clean up the mess, need no feed or refrigeration and they
can be eaten at a moments notice. The Haitians have been doing this for
centuries. Goats too. A dairy cow here and there. They make more of
themselves, produce eggs, milk, meat, fertilizer, leather, pillows, etc.
Haiti does not need another bank or burger king. Give Haiti back the
agrarian culture it once had and their culture will establish itself once
again and maybe this time be free of economic burdens we have imposed on

They do not need concrete buildings, they need gardens, animals and forests
of food. They need Permaculture.
Same here.


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