[permaculture] Sandor Kraut: Seeking Input for New Fermentation Book

Johnathan Yelenick yelenick at riseup.net
Fri Feb 5 17:04:21 EST 2010

email from Sandor Kraut


Hello friends,

I am pleased to announce that I have begun work on a new book about

In the years since I wrote Wild Fermentation, not only has my
personal fermentation practice expanded and evolved considerably, but
also I have had the unique privilege of discussing fermentation and
corresponding about it with thousands of people. This has yielded
much new information, caused me to investigate new aspects, and
brought me new insights. I wish to share this, and so I am writing
another book about fermentation.

I am writing to invite you and other fermentation enthusiasts to
contribute information, ideas, and images to this project. Here are a
few ways you can help:

QUESTIONNAIRE: Please give some thought to the questions below and
email me your responses. Also, please forward to other folks who
might be interested.

IMAGES: This book will feature more graphics, so I am on the lookout.
Specifically, I am seeking:

ART depicting fermentation themes or using fermented materials;

MICROSCOPY of fermented foods and the organisms that make them;

QUALITY PHOTOS of ferments, either homemade, or in indigenous

SMALL-SCALE PRODUCERS: This book will include a chapter with
information pertaining to starting fermentation-related business
enterprises. Following the general questionnaire below are some
questions for commercial fermenters about special considerations for
people starting up fermentation businesses.

BEER-MAKER-MALTERS: Anyone out there malting their own barley? Or
using wild fermentation for beermaking? If you do, or if you know
any, please do be in touch. I am also on the lookout for folks who
ferment POI, FUFU, GARI, SORGHUM BEER, CHANG, or other ferments not
covered in Wild Fermentation.

And a few other matters:

EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGE: Please update your address books. My correct
and current email address is sandorkraut at wildfermentation.com. I am
phasing out sandorkraut at heartoftn.net, which I used for years.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: In order to get this book written, I will not be
traveling much in the coming year. I have a few workshops scheduled;
check my website for dates and details.

As always, please let me know if you would rather not receive
occasional emails from me. Simply reply to this with the magic word

I hope this communication finds you well.



  1. Can you think of any practical tips you wish you had had when you
embarked upon a fermentation project?

  2. Are there any common misunderstandings or fears that you have
encountered talking to people about your fermentation projects?

  3. Can you describe any unusual flavor, ingredient, or process
variations that you have tried and especially liked?

  4. Can you articulate any important life lessons you have learned
from your fermentation practice?


1. Please describe your fermentation business: type of products,
scale of business, geographic location.

2. Can you describe any special scrutiny or hurdles you faced in
commercial licensing because you are producing fermented products?

3. When you scaled up to commercial production, were there any
specific challenges related to fermenting at a larger scale, or
maintaining consistency? Could you articulate some of what you
learned from that?

4. What do use for fermentation vessels? Please describe your
physical set-up.

4. What advice or reflections would you offer to someone thinking
about starting a fermentation venture?

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