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G'day Grif....Try this: Ferrocement Tank BOQ/Course
....I put it together for a course we were looking to hold in 2008....

Best books I have found are as follows:

Ferrocement Water Tanks and their
Simon Watt
Rainwater Catchment Systems for Domestic Supply: Design, Construction and
John Gould & Erik Nissen-Petersen
Ferrocement: Building with
Stanley Abercrombie
Water Storage <http://oasisdesign.net/catalog/index.htm#ws> by Art Ludwig

Also check out our Ferrocement sections at our

Ferrocement Works<http://picasaweb.google.com/permaculture.biz/FerrocementWorks>
on our work building various tanks in Viet Nam for the Mars Inc./Forest
Science Institute of Viet Nam project in Nghia Trung (Binh Phuoc Province
from 2005-2008 plus some other photos of other FC work we have seen around
the traps.....

Ferrocement Tank
was a fun but somewhat over the top job, where we replaced the rotted wood
frame and corrugated roof of a reinforced concrete tank by shaping of the
new roof with a low dome and a crenelated gutter mimicking a patterning the
tail feathers of the Australian Black Swan (Cygnus atratus).

BTW: about to start the PDC at Rainbow Valley Farm: looking great
here...been a bit of a drought (by Matakana standards) but over the last
week we've had some lovely rain which has freshened things up in readiness
for tonight's Powhiri....better go and practice the conch!

All the best and good luck with the FC projects,


On 5 February 2010 10:28, Grifen <grifenhope at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hola from Chile. Does anyone have a list of materials and or a budget for
> ferrocement tanks? Gracias, Grifen
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