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*Fred Freundlich* (left) teaches at Mondragon Universtiy in Spain. He is a
doctoral candidate at the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University,
where his dissertation research is a new university initiative affiliated
with the Mondragn Cooperative Corporation. Freundlich is a senior principal
of Ownership Associates.

*Mikel Lezamiz* (right) is the educational director of the Mondragon
Cooperatives Corporation, the world’s largest consortium of worker-owned
businesses located in the Basque Country of Northern Spain. He helped
organize Praxis Peace Institute’s 5-day seminar at the MCC headquarters in
the fall of 2008. Lezamiz is one of the most knowledgeable sources on the
history and current operations of Mondragon’s 120 worker-owned businesses.

*From the Economics of Peace Conference, 2009<http://www.economicsofpeace.net/>

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