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jenny Nazak wrote:
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> Much progress has been made in the efforts to expand the use of Sun Ovens to Haiti.
> Warmly yours, 
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> The sun is a free gift from God!

Great idea! What about a flood of rocket stoves heading to Haiti, Jenny?
Some designed for cooking, some for heating water. This could be useful 
in purifying water for cooking and washing dishes, maybe drinking.
I heard something on the Dianne Rheem Show this morning about problems 
associated with donated material goods destined to end users in Haiti
not reaching those people because of the lack of infrastructure needed 
to receive them then deliver them to people in need. The example today
was about medical (non-medicine), survival/camping and hygiene supplies
delivered to the wrong place and eventually getting stuck in the system
somewhere until they could be moved to destination. Seems to me this is 
a problem that permaculture aid groups will have. Someone should put up 
a blog or website with info on exactly where to go to help or deliver 

On a totally different note here are a couple of small articles on the 
history of Haiti voodoo (forget the zombie and black magic stuff, which 
has nothing to do with voodoo), something I have been interested in for 
a long time.
Voodoo is official in Haiti
Wade Davis on voodoo, the Haiti quake, and Pat Robertson
"Anthropologist Wade Davis is an incredibly engaging and eloquent 
explorer of the world's cultural diversity, what he calls the 
Ethnosphere. He has written a slew of amazing books about the dangers 
faced by disappearing cultures, both to the people whose vibrant 
cultures are getting wiped out, and to us. His latest book is The 
Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World, based on his 
CBC Massey Lectures last year, but he is perhaps best known for The 
Serpent and the Rainbow (1985), an illuminating study of Haitian voodoo 
and zombis. National Geographic interviewed Davis about the earthquake 
in Haiti, voodoo, and Pat Robertson's idiocy. From National Geographic:"

As I understand it, in Haiti you have two ethnic groups, the creoles who 
are part white and two distinctly different groups of blacks, each of 
whom originated from one of two countries in Africa, whose religious 
orientation consists of those embracing voodoo and those practicing 
black magic. Black magic came to Haiti from Congolese Africans and has 
been "nurtured" and practiced there by them to the present. The Duvalier 
family and their Tonton Macoute were deeply into this and used it to 
subjugate peaceful Haitian people, many of whom practiced voodoo, those 
who were not Catholic. This is probably a great oversimplification but 
still provides a little background containing some degree of accuracy.

Back to rocket stoves!

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