[permaculture] Re. Question about Earth Homes, thermal mass and humidity

Udan Farm udanfarm at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 2 21:33:31 EST 2010

Thank you everyone for such wonderful info and dialog!
Thank you to Robyn too. What you described with the deep verandas is exactly what I call a "Cracker House".  Robyn I found your videos on Youtube, what a great place!!  I'm jealous you have 16 years on the land!!!
Ours is only 3 years old, but we have videos if you want to take a peek. They were made originally for a friend's 5 year old who lived in the city, and she encouraged me to put them on the web.  Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/user/GAPermaculture
Thanks everyone too for the great links, too. It may take me some time to digest all of this, because we are packing up for a PDC in S. Georgia leaving on Saturday.
This is a great education for me as a budding permaculture teacher, and as someone who lives in the Southeastern USA.
Tripp, Oh, yah, we will have to get together. Have you visited much, or are you originally from the South?
If you are a permie, you will be about the only one in Macon-really. We have to talk though. My partner is a pretty good tree person, and he said "just leave your trees right where they are"...it's a different climate back here... I guess it would depend on what you're growing, but apples and pears and plums don't do so well. Peaches are better but persnickety, blueberries and persimmons do very well, and, unlike Robyn's it's too cold for citrus here. (it got down to 14* F the other night, but can be 106*  in the summer. 
We are doing a PDC (if you happen to need one) in Atlanta, one weekend a month over 7 months...Georgia is indeed ripe with cheap property, but it's hot, and cold, and wet, and can be dry...and, outside of Atlanta it is a DEEPLY conservative (and Macon is deeper still) place, uniquely southern, and it takes getting used to if you're not from here. I came from Calif. 21 years ago, and still wonder how I got here and why I didn't get out!  :)
$7600 is amazing, but I'm imagining there's a ton of work to do on that place...
I'll write you off list with more info.
Thanks again everyone for the very beneficial input!! It, and "all y'all" are much appreciated!


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