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I saw a short (very short) video clip of a ground level collection system, under the eaves, at www.AsiAsi.TV.   Under the section for the earthbag building project they showed ground level gutter collection that fed into a cistern.  That is all I know about it but it looked like it would work.
John Fritz,  NW Arkansas.

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One of the things I was thinking of is what if you created drainage
trenches on the ground at the dripline & harvested the water there
rather than at the eave level.  I could do something really simple
like making a trench & lining it with 8 mil plastic.  The trench would
have to be graded so that it moves the water away from the barn.

According to calculations based on the following equation

A = (catchment area of building)

R = (inches of rain)

G = (total amount of collected rainwater)

(A) x (R) x (600 gallons) / 1000 = (G)

My barn should generate over 50,000 gallons of rainwater or 1800
gallons for a 1" rainfall.



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