[permaculture] Gates Foundation/Community Food Enterprise

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It's an interesting state of affairs.

Are you apprised of all that there is to know about the types of law suits 
that have been coming from Monsanto?

Personally, food is a part of a basic 'understanding'. It's a primary 
motivator to community. People discussing plants, their effects if eaten, 
etc. That to me is basic.  Altering genetic codes, patenting plants, that's 
not in the same spirit as I understand it.


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> Evan wrote
>>My last two cents:
>>Here is the exact recipe for disaster as I see it:
>>Wealthy industrialists + FOOD+ >Government subsidies = Famine & Waste
> Yes, that is an old formula that we don't like. Now, what about:
> Wealthy industrialists + a ***genuine awakening to the importance of local 
> food and local enterprise*** = a potential force for widespread progress
> I'm not saying that's necessarily what's going on with the report prepared 
> by the Gates foundation, but from glancing at the report, I do feel that 
> it's at least a possibility.
> I'm not claiming to know the motives of the people at the Gates Foundation 
> (or anyone else, for that matter -- even Monsanto).
> I'm just saying that people and organizations evolve, and that 
> food-consciousness seems to be one of the most common gateways to a wider 
> sustainable-design consciousness.
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