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My last two cents:

 Here is the exact recipe for disaster as I see it:

Wealthy industrialists + FOOD+ Government subsidies = Famine & Waste

 (aka the modern food system)

 Yeah that's about how I see it.

*Case study:*

 Amount to be spent by the Gates Foundation on their new swanky HQ in  SEA
near the Space Needle over half a

Ratio of current grants related to GMO's over direct investing in local food
production  : 3/3 or 1/1

Who benefits the most monetarily from this relationship local food or
Monsanto? Obviously Monsanto, as they are a huge part of the Gates
Foundation.  <http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_19990.cfm>

Gates believes that you can treat plants like computers and program them to
do your bidding, but in true form he is completely underestimating the power
of the free web.  Incidentally, this is time it's not the internet but the
interconnected web of life that won't let him monopolize the evolutionary
whole systems design and development of food.  He needs to seriously read up
on ecology as well
understand the whole truth about

P.S. "Optimism can be just as fool hearty as cynicism"

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