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Dieter Brand diebrand at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 19 15:55:47 EST 2010

There were many great visionaries in the socialist movement.  Many were full of compassion and prepared to sacrifice everything including their own life.  They had a thorough understanding of the economic problems of their times and had worked out detailed plans for a better society.  What they were incapable of predicting were the vagaries of human nature.  The communists, in particular, always were control freaks and couldn’t cope with that.  That’s where things went wrong.

The political left has always been plagued by the splitting virus.  First there was the split between communists and social democrats.   From there, innumerable splinter groups arose.  In the political vacuum left in German by the failure of the traditional political class after the WWI disaster, communists and social democrats were fighting each other in street battles in Berlin.  The laughing third party was a creepy little guy called Hitler.  For nearly a century now, left wing parties all over the World have fought each other while right wing parties hold on to power.

I wonder, does this sound familiar?  Could it be that Permaculturists have also been infected by the splitting virus?

Cheers, Dieter

--- On Sun, 12/19/10, Lawrence F. London, Jr. <venaurafarm at bellsouth.net> 
> A followup comment on a related topic I recently posted on
> the Coffee 
> Party Facebook page:
> As for the teaparty anti-socialist rants...
> research/Google the village-based agrarian socioeconomic
> system that 
> prevailed in the Ukraine before the Russian Revolution when
> the party 
> that supported them, the Social Democrats, who sought power
> in Russia 
> (these were the true "communists", of, by and for the
> people) and 
> Germany, were defeated by Lenin and his Bosheviks which led
> to the rise 
> in power of Stalin and his Communist (NOT) Party who
> were  totalitarian 
> criminal thugs. They need to get their facts straight. The
> Social 
> Democrats in the Ukraine were in an all out struggle for
> personal 
> survival and you know what unfortunate events unfolded
> afterward over 
> the decades.


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