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John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
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> It is natural that farmers are radical, thinking about the roots of
> things as much as they do.

Tiananmen square 1989 - not just thousands and thousands of students, 
but also thousands and thousands of farmers. Not in any major media accounts
- it was all about "students" and "intellectuals" and at some point some
"workers." According to John Jeavons (Ecology Action/Grow Biointensive),
farmers were pouring into the city, partly in solidarity with the
students and partly to protest being ordered by the government to
produce an additional crop of rice every year, which they knew would
destroy 4000+ years of regenerative farming.

 > ...An idea that I hope also
> helps us keep our eyes on the prize of creating a truly "regenerative
> economy", an economy that is the logical outcome of following the
> principles of Slow Money.

A regenerative economy has no net growth over time. This is what is
soooo "radical" - it has cycles, of course, but no net growth.

Are the events described above true and accurate about the murders and 
repression committed by the Chinese Government during the Tiananmen 
Square demonstrations when thousands of farmers as well as thousands of 
students participated together?

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