[permaculture] Permaculture list serve invitation [was] What is a commons? And how do we regulate it?

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sat Dec 18 14:46:17 EST 2010

On 12/18/2010 2:30 PM, Keith Johnson wrote:

> http://seedkeeperslist.blogspot.com/2010/11/re-seed-keepers-last-chance-to-defeat-s.html
> (all about saving, preserving and exchanging, garden, landscape and farm
> seeds and plants)

That my blog which is a mirror of my seedkeepers mailing list.

> Does this kind of honest inquiry make me a troll?
> Troll: A person who posts to disrupt, distract, incite, or insult, with
> no attempt to further serious or useful discussion of the topic at hand.

Sure likes like it.

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