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Commons Thinking
Commons Thinking
Justin Kenrick The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy, Arran Stibbe.
Supported by University of Brighton, Faculty of Arts: Sustainability 

"Commons Thinking: the ability to envisage and enable a viable futur 
through connected action,"
Justin Kenrick, University of Glasgow, and PEDAL Portobello Transition Town

"What is Commons Thinking?
The Commons are life-sustaining or life-enhancing resources and services 
that have not
been divided up and assigned a monetary value in the global economy but 
instead are shared
freely among members of a community or group. They range from the air we 
breath, pollination
provided by bees, land that provides food for gathering and sharing 
rather than selling,
to words of comfort given freely and willingly rather than at an hourly 
Pitted against the Commons, however, are the forces of Enclosure, which 
to appropriate, own and sell resources that were once freely accessible, 
often breaking
up communities and displacing people in the process. Commons regimes are 
which resist these forces and meet people's needs primarily or 
significantly through the
Commons rather than through monetary exchange, existing both in the 
forests of the Amazon
and in the last remaining tight-knit local communities in cities around 
the world...
This chapter aims to describe one important skill for rebuilding 
political, community and
personal resilience."

Click for pdf download of the full chapter 'Commons Thinking' from the
Handbook for Sustainability Literacy

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