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The Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, http://richmondgrows.org, has
seeds from both professional growers as well as local gardeners. Working
to ensure that people are "borrowing" seeds that are true to type is
something that the seed library is addressing in a number of ways:
1. organization of the library: each drawer is labeled "super easy",
"easy" or "difficult" based on the amount of effort a person needs to
exert to ensure that it comes true to type. "Super easy" plants in the
collection are things like peas and beans and lettuce. We encourage all
people to save seeds from this level. Although people can borrow "easy"
or "difficult" seeds we encourage them not to return them until they
have learned more about seed saving.
2. education:
a. classes - we offer a number of classes on seed saving that are free
to the public
b. website resources on seed saving
c. library bibliography of gardening and seed saving resources - so
people can borrow books to learn more
d. videos - we're making a series of videos on seed saving that will be
publicly available both on our website and YouTube
e. mentoring program - involving master gardeners to work with local
gardeners and also to provide seed saving help
3. Labeling of seed packets: we have a uniform seed packet that includes
the "seed source" (or gardener's name). For plants that are more
difficult to save, different individuals have or will establish
reputations as being reliable seed savers for things like cucurbits.

We've created the seed lending library as one that can be easily
replicated by other communities. If you go to http://RichmondGrows.org,
and click on our "Create a Library" link we have downloads to all of our
organizational material, orientation material (English and Spanish), and
seed saving brochures (English and Spanish). We will also be posting our
class handouts and presentation materials for the benefit of all. Our
intention is to create an international movement of seed savers. We're
hoping to launch that non-profit and website, which will have the seed
saving adapted to different bioregions, early in 2011.

Rebecca Newburn
Co-Founder and Coordinator
Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library
Richmond, Calif.

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