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I personally quite like the original Chinese way of doing things.
A group of patients would pay a physician a monthly fee until one of them fell ill, then they would stop paying.  This way the doctor would be encouraged to keep all his patients healthy, rather than the system we have now when doctors get paid whenever we are ill.  Hardly the best motivation for them ;-)


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> > Has anyone in the US come up
> with a good Permaculture solution for health
> > care?
> from: http://www.ithacahealth.org/
> The Ithaca Health Alliance was founded in 1997. Our mission
> is to facilitate
> access to health care for all, with a focus on the needs of
> the uninsured.
> We've moved! Visitors, please note our new office and Free
> Clinic location at
> 521 West Seneca Street in Ithaca, NY.
> Since our founding, we have used the contributions of our
> members to create a
> sustainable model of community-oriented, community-driven
> solutions to the
> ongoing healthcare crisis. Today, with hundreds of members
> throughout the
> state of New York, we have three primary programs: the
> Ithaca Health Fund, the
> Ithaca Free Clinic and Ithaca Health Alliance Educational
> Programs.
> Ithaca Health Fund
> The Ithaca Health Fund provides financial assistance in
> meeting the costs of
> health care. Through the Fund, IHA provides grants that can
> help with specific
> categories of preventive and emergency healthcare expenses.
> The Fund also
> offers interest-free loans for dental procedures, eye care,
> and improvement of
> professional health services. Through the IHA Community
> Grants program, small
> grants are offered to other groups doing health-related
> work.
>     Fund grants are available to all general and
> provider members of IHA (New
> York state residency required, as below). Any member of our
> community with
> demonstrable financial need can apply for a free enrollment
> through the
> Fund.
> Ithaca Free Clinic
> The Health Alliance opened a free health Clinic in downtown
> Ithaca on January
> 23, 2006. The Ithaca Free Clinic (IFC) provides 100% free
> healthcare services
> to the un- and under-insured residents of Tompkins County
> and the surrounding
> region. IFC is a medically integrated facility where
> volunteer health
> professionals provide both conventional and holistic
> medical services to
> clinic visitors as well as health insurance counseling and
> other services.
>     At IFC, anyone may receive free healthcare
> services for which they
> otherwise have no insurance coverage. IFC services are on a
> walk-in basis,
> with no appointment required. Follow-up appointments can be
> scheduled as
> needed. The Ithaca Free Clinic is open on Mondays 2-6 p.m.
> and Thursdays
> 4-8 p.m., with therapeutic services available by
> appointment on Tuesdays.
> We are located at 225 South Fulton Street (second floor) in
> Ithaca, NY.
> Educational Programs
> The Alliance offers free educational programming for the
> general public.
> Informal classes, lectures, and guest speakers are offered
> throughout the
> year; other events are scheduled as they arise. We offer
> resources in the
> waiting area of our offices at the Free Clinic, which
> everyone is welcome to
> browse through. We network with experts in all fields of
> health to help our
> neighbors learn about the wealth of health options
> available. Our quarterly
> newsletter provides information about different health
> subjects and other
> educational resources in addition to news of the
> organization.
> The Ithaca Health Alliance was created on a cooperative
> model, and from the
> beginning we have been shaped by our members. Through the
> power of community
> building, our members help other members in need with
> health expenses —
> financially, through the organization and the services they
> make possible, and
> directly, through services like member-to-member benefits,
> which include
> discounts on health care offered by our Provider Members.
> --
> The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute
> offers workshops, apprenticeships, and
> permaculture design certificate classes.
> http://www.fingerlakespermaculture.org
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