[permaculture] (fwd) Request for info/data on CSA benefits

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Wed Apr 28 00:39:59 EDT 2010

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Subject: [SANET-MG] Request for info/data on CSA benefits
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 19:18:10 -0700
From: james mercer <jamescmercer at YAHOO.COM>

Hi folks,

Doing some research on the benefits a community can expect from a CSA.
Making proposal to municipality for lease of open space land for this 
What I'd like to include is information on the benefits to the community 
that such an enterprise can be expected to generate. Beyond the obvious 
fresh organic food .
Basically I need points to demonstrate the desirablilty of allowing such 
an endeavor to the politicians, as well as voters who do not plan to 
subscribe to the food-share aspect of the CSA. (ie info to convince 
the 'why should we/what's in it for us' crowd).
We will have the obvious points of fresh food, produced locally and 
sustainably, reduced chemical/energy footprint, educational and 
recreational opportunities for school district children, seniors and 
special need citizens.
Appreciate any other suggestions.

Also, particularly interested in any info on any studies they have seen 
regarding the not so obvious benefits to the entire community- 
additional economic and community growth potential, ancillary 
beneficiaries, etc etc. that the association can hope to provide for the 
community at large. Data, studies, additional web references, anecdotal 
field reports or references for contact for further research all 

Thanks in advance for any input!
jamescmercer at yahoo.com

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