[permaculture] more on carbon farming

Rain Tenaqiya raincascadia at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 21 15:05:22 EDT 2010

I realize that in my original post it was unclear that I was saying the student believed that the potential of carbon farming absolved him of the necessity to limit his own carbon footprint, and not Darren Doherty.  I did not assume that Darren was promoting this, and I thank him for his graceful response.  Regardless, I feel Toby's reprimand was excessive, though I do acknowledge and appreciate his defense of me in the past :)  Nobody should be thought of as beyond questioning, and I do feel that as a movement we need to emphasize ethics more.
My main point was that there is no cure-all for climate change and that we each need to take personal responsibility for our carbon footprint, regardless of the societal limitations we all experience.  I am still amazed by the number of "permaculturists" who act as if air travel for personal pleasure (or workshops that could be had at home) is their right.  This is one luxury that no sustainable culture that I can envision will be able to maintain.
Also my request for a realistic assessment of carbon farming remains unanswered.  Does anyone have reliable information for the potential of carbon sequestration on a global level?  I have seen a lot of enthusiastic promotion, but also a lot of questioning.  Personally, I have put most of my efforts into limiting my carbon emissions, and don't believe that my tree planting, mulching, and earthworks are achieving much in my dry climate.


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