[permaculture] parasitic nematodes

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Or, your might visit soilfoodweb.com for Elaine Ingrams take on the soil
food web.  It is highly probable that there is a serious biology shortage in
the soil.  The predator nematodes that feed on the root feeding nematodes
are absent.

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute

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Steven & Margaret Eisenhauer wrote:
> You may be able to short circuit the insect infestation by feeding your
> to get the correct mineral balance.  Dr Arden B. Anderson's "life & Energy
> in Agriculture" address the concept that insects are garbage collectors
> will only eat plants that are unable to synthesis complex sugars and
> complete proteins. All the bio controls don't add up to much if you are
> creating a living soil and healthy plants.

Great information!

Add lots of rock dust from rock quarries, rock phosphate, greensand, 
azomite, aragonite, hi-cal lime, dolomitic lime, granular seaweed,
etc. Grow cover crops.

Also (carefully & in controlled ssituations) plant trap crops
that the Japanese beetle likes, like Pennsylvania Smartweed.
This is a very bad weed to have infest your land so use it carefully
and avoid spread of seed with vehicle tires or tillage and mowing equipment.

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