[permaculture] A Solution to the GMO Problem

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Wed Apr 14 14:44:47 EDT 2010

carolyn anderson wrote:
> This is pretty heartbreaking.
> I had thought that buying Heirloom seeds meant the growers were passionate
> about protecting the purity of the strain of the seeds they pass on.
> I joined SeedSavers recently with great enthusiasm.
> Now I'm not sure where to turn for trusted seed for a small, backyard
> garden.....
> Challenges get greater as opportunities for new potential increase.
> I'm counting on that adage.
> best,
> Carolyn

Seedsavers Exchange was stolen/taken over by monsanto surrogates
and other phonies in the pocket of gmo/chemical corporate agribusiness 
with allies in the US Government. I started a seed saving mailing list 
called seedsavers@, SSE called the list host and threatened/forced us to 
change the name to seedkeepers. Join the two lists referenced below and 
you will find all sorts of lists of seed suppliers that are reputable
and offer seeds uncontaminated by gmo. Or just read the archives and 
collect reams of reference material and see sources.

The ones I like include:

Baker Creek Seeds
Mountain Valley Seed
Rupp Seed
Johnnys Seeds
Peaceful Valley
High Mowing Seeds
Southern Exposure Seeds
Cooks Garden Seeds
Harmony Farm
Bountiful Garden
and lots of others....

Read the following and follow all the links:

"Seed Saver’s Exchange, Svalgard, and the USDA" by Kent Whealy, 
co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Saver’s Exchange, Svalgard, and the USDA
by Kent Whealy, co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange

"The following is an excerpt from a July 2009 letter sent
by the founder of Seed Saver’s Exchange to SSE members."


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