[permaculture] Fw: Chemtrails

Lawrence F. London, Jr. venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Sun Apr 11 15:43:18 EDT 2010

danmk wrote:

> But conflict resolution and community is where my heart is...  So if you've
> got any insight into educational opportunities down that road I'd love to
> explore them.  My developing passion is design for the psychological systems
> we employ in our relationships to one another, and I'd love to meet a
> permaculture designer who is already developing methodology along these
> lines.

My hat (an Akubra) is off to you for pursuing that goal. This list 
should help you a lot. I hope you can figure a way to neutralize the 
greed factor in human relationships systems you design as you promote 
permaculture as a tool for your students to utilize.

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