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Scott Pittman scott at permaculture.org
Sun Apr 11 15:01:56 EDT 2010

One of the blessings and curses of permaculture is that it is an all
inclusive discipline, making it very difficult to exclude any subject that
directly relates to the "Ethical Purpose of Permaculture"

Care of the Earth
Care of People
Return of excess to care of the Earth and People

Not much wiggle room in those loaded statements.

During my time on this list I have found that most topics that aren't
relevant to the group are short lived and don't require any real
intervention to die a quiet death.

On the other hand I am increasingly annoyed by the plethora of web postings
that are the gleanings of others web browsing.  I would prefer not to get
these and don't quite know how to screen them out of my messages.  While
many of them are interesting and quite stunning they are usually totally
disconnected from the current line of dialog.  I find these postings as
relevant and contextual as chem. Trails.

Scott Pittman
Permaculture Institute

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danmk wrote:

> It really fell short!  But that is okay Lawrence; 

Hello Dan:

I think my method of steering discussion away from
offtopic threads may be old school. It used to be that such threads 
could develop and be carried on endlessly but as of the recent past that 
rarely, if ever, seems to happen. The idea is to avoid the type of open 
ended discussion that spawns free-for-all trivia fests, endless replies 
with cascading quoted text. This list has matured to the point that such 
a guideline is obvious to all without needing to be restated on a 
regular basis.

Posts on political topics may appear from time to time but I doubt that
there is much likelihood they will develop into threads. My suggestion 
would be for subscribers to let such posters know that those topics are 
off limits in this forum and for good reason.



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