[permaculture] Fw: Chemtrails

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Sat Apr 10 15:19:35 EDT 2010

So, basically, this list is for people chatting about what they are doing in 
their own backyard.
Issues that people care about and wonder what to do about them belong on 
other lists.

Fair enough.

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> fdnokes at hotmail.com wrote:
>> oh. okay.
>> was just following up on the topic of 'surfacing' this issue.
>> had a little trouble recalling where that was.
>> guess it wasn't here.
>> thanks for the heads up.
> It was discussed here in this list.
>> yes, the chemtrails affect your crop, L.
>> They're in the air.
>> Doesn't anything in the air (and subsequently falling to earth) affect 
>> your
>> crops?
> If you think so and you can find good references that might be important
> for those interested in gardening, farming and planting within
> permaculture systems to read, then post the URLs.
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