[permaculture] manual tools for tilling?

Charlotte Dion cadion at verizon.net
Mon Apr 5 19:55:58 EDT 2010

You might want to look at broadforks, aka u-bar tillers. We've convinced  
our community gardeners to give up the roto-tilling by having this tool  
available. We have a sandy/loamy soil and the broadfork requires a whole  
lot less human energy input than shovel or hand fork.

Your annual rye can be knocked down or mowed down to act as a mulch layer.

Digging in Spring is a happy thing!


> On 4/3/2010 8:51 AM, Marjory wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am about to start a good sized plot for a three sisters garden - about
>> 60'x40'.  The soil is a loose sand with a bit of loam.  It currently has
>> a good cover of annual rye grass.  As my husband runs off to find a
>> motorized tiller to prepare the ground I am wondering if there is a low
>> tech version of a tool that could do the job?  I've heard about the
>> Glazer wheel hoe being able to do some light cultivation with a plow
>> attachment.  I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this, or
>> any suggestions?  what tools would work to cultivate a plot this size?
>> I could do it with a shovel... but that would take a bit longer than I
>> am hoping to get it done in.
>> Thanks,
>> Marjory

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