[permaculture] Happy birthday?

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Here, here!!! That is the way we need to be (an what we're trying to do!)
The corporations don't want it, but it is the ONLY WAY TO GO!!!  Go for
you!! We espouse to that efficiency...

Carry on!


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I am 57 years old.  Every time I am interviewed by the press, I use this 
line  . . . "My retirement plan is a super-energy-efficient house, with 
passive solar, no mortgage, very low operating costs, and lots of edible 

Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City

Michael Pilarski wrote:
> Happy Birthday, Keith,
> Sorry tale about your father's retirement fund.  It could happen to my
mother and father-in-law too.
> Some young friends visiting me, are busy turning their parents yard into a
food forest and have installed two 1500 gallon tanks for water storage.
They are trying to make them prepared in case of an eventuality like your
dad's. This sounds like a nice way for children to help their parents
prepare for retirement.   
> Best wishes,
> Michael Pilarski
> Digging biomass pits in the city. 
> I recently talked to a young couple who live in south Seattle who are
converting their one-fifth acre lot to food production.  One of their
techniques is to dig big holes in the yard and fill them with hunks of wood,
wood chips, lawn clippings, lots of produce waste from a nearby grocery
store and other available organic matter. Their soil is a heavy clay with a
clay pan one foot down.  The excavated soil from the big holes provide
raised mound areas with a greater depth of aeration and better drainage
overall on the site. This aeration increases fertility. They plant fruit
trees, berry bushes and useful plants around the edges of the holes.  The
crop roots have access to the decomposing nutrients.  It is taking them a
few years in their spare time to gradually fill the yard with pits, fill
them with biomass and plant around them. A side benefit of this strategy is
that there is more water storage in the soil, there will likely also be
>  infiltration into ground water. This is another good strategy for a
specific soil type.  They have also bought two 1500-gallon tanks for roof
water storage and are conducting many mushroom projects.
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> Date: Thursday, April 1, 2010, 10:10 AM
>       I just turned 58. One of the "gifts" I received was the news that
>       my parents' retirement fund of $100,000 just evaporated as it was
>       misspent by an investment broker who has now gone bankrupt. My 86
>       year old father is now looking for work to pay their rent, food
>       and medical expenses.
>       I fear this kind of story will be repeated by someone near and
>       dear to you or you yourself. I cannot urge strongly enough that
>       you work to relocalize your food and economic security and join
>       (or start) a local Transition Town group. If you have not yet done
>       so, let this be the year you start growing your food or hire a
>       farmer to do it for you (a la CSA, Community Supported Agriculture).
>       The best time to plant an apple tree is five years ago. Don't
>       wait. I'm serious. Get the books and information you need to
>       survive and thrive. Preserve and store food! The government WILL
>       NOT TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! We must take care of us. Earth Care,
>       People Care, Fair Share. I will gratefully receive advice for help
>       in caring for my parents. Thanks. Keith

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