[permaculture] Svar: Re: Svar: autumn Seedballs?

Dieter Brand diebrand at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 22 17:49:57 EDT 2009

I’m glad you came through your soul searching victoriously and decided to follow a scientific career.  Fukuoka went the opposite way.  I guess his tribulations, triggered by a serious illness, were a bit more harrowing.  He decided to go back to the family farm.  Well, good for him, most of us don’t even have family farm to go back to.
Academia may give you a bit more breathing space, but with the shortness of public funds and private-public partnerships our corporate overlords are bound to come knocking at your door some time or other.  Mind you, they aren’t all evil.
I can understand that from the point of view of the specialist the man on the street does seem rather foolish.  And most of us really are fools much of the time.  Still, it’s those fools that have to be part of the decision making process.  Perhaps it’s the shear mass of foolishness that cancels itself out to turn up the right decision in the end.
I think skepticism towards GMOs and the like is far more prevalent in the old Europe than on the other side of the great pond where positivistic thinking about material progress still seems to be rampant.
Anyway, it won’t be science on it’s own that will run this planet into the ground.  It’s the exploitation of science by commercial interests that will do the trick.  Among the two future Eldorados, biotech and IT, I don’t know which is the most dangerous.  I guess the two will work in tandem; biotech will provide the hardware while IT will serve to control the hearts and minds to make sure nobody dissents.  Already, Google aims to control all contents so as to manipulate the way people think.  In 5 years time they will be so big and powerful that no government will be able to control them.  Most Internet users are completely enchanted by the seemingly endless possibilities of the net that they don’t even notice how they have become slaves to that technology.  Every new technology has its price that will have to be paid in the end.
But enough rambling for now.  I wish you all a good night and sweet dreams about the Brave New World to come.


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