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Thomas Jahn tpj at life.ku.dk
Tue Sep 22 05:19:12 EDT 2009

> Basically, what is missing is a holistic view of things that will  
> put the fragmented findings of analytical science in relation with  
> the whole.  For example, when science can do genetic engineering,  
> society ought to be able to decide if we really want to go down that  
> road based on moral, social and political considerations instead of  
> being forced into it by particular economic interests with their  
> paid scientists and political lobbying.
> Dieter
I have often been listening to non-scientists about their attitude  
towards genetic engineering - without interrupting them or even  
introducing myself as an expert. It has been very interesting. And I  
see that there is a broad scepticism among the man on the street  
towards the way science is leading the development. Like a basic  
instinct that warns them from following this road.

The shocking thing is that scientist who really ought to know better  
have placed themselves in a position, where they cannot be critical  
any more. They have lost the foundation where they potentially could  
find solutions. What is left is exactly as you say: "economic  
interests with their paid scientists and political lobbying".

I love science. But I had to realize that there are already plenty of  
people doing that type of thing, I have been doing.

I have decided to stay in science and to work at the Academy with the  
aim to re-create awareness. It's going to be a tuff way. But I know  
what to do. And finally I can use my competence as a molecular  
biologist, something that was not helpful in the discussion with the  
man on the street.

I will take the chance at this point to post the link to a movie that  
I strongly recomment to everybody here. It's split in 13 parts. To see  
all the movie takes 2 hours. So take your time. For Michael Moore it  
took 4 hours, as he watched it two times in a row.

Maybe it has been seen here before as it is from 2007. But I just  
follow the mailinglist since a couple of weeks.

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