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Interesting discussion.
It's interesting to see how we have lost that sense of participation, and 
how 1984 and Brave New World and other fictions explain the way this apathy 
Isn't it amazing how stuck we seem to be in an economy of throw away 
electronics, even as we realize the necessity of changing our ways?

On another note, there is the division of science and the spirit. Quantum 
physics has held out the hope to change all that.

Not sure where I picked up the reference (might have even been from this 
list?) but have borrowed Charles T. Tart's The End of Materialism: how 
evidence of the paranormal is bringing science and spirit together.

Interesting stuff.

When we look at the left brain world with our left brain, it seems hopeless, 
but when we look at it with our right brain consciousness, we become aware 
that healing can come suddenly and mysteriously.

I hope that this little kaleidoscope

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> Thomas,
>>I have to admit that I share this critical view (of science),
>>as we ignore the complexity of the system.
> I think analytical science does have its practical uses. It is just that 
> it takes such a dominant role in modern society. Pronouncements of 
> scientists are sometimes viewed like absolute truth, when in reality they 
> are subject to change like everything else. What’s more, scientific 
> research is often motivated by hidden political or economic 
> considerations.
> Basically, what is missing is a holistic view of things that will put the 
> fragmented findings of analytical science in relation with the whole. For 
> example, when science can do genetic engineering, society ought to be able 
> to decide if we really want to go down that road based on moral, social 
> and political considerations instead of being forced into it by particular 
> economic interests with their paid scientists and political lobbying.
> Dieter
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