[permaculture] Svar: autumn Seedballs?

Thomas Paul Jahn tpj at life.ku.dk
Sun Sep 20 04:58:49 EDT 2009

Dear Martin,
Your idea is absolutely great!

>From all the permaculturists I have read about that have reported about their personal way, I was most impressed by Masanobu Fukuoka, who clearly must be the one who has inspired you in your project. This is a very nice idea!

I am a natural scientist working at the university of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have worked for my entire 'career' on molecular aspects of membrane transport in plants and have decided to radically change my focus towards natural farming.

As I have been talking about my idea with colleagues and friends, some people started getting a little annoyed as I was trying to challenge their - all to comfortable - lifestyle. 
One friend, who is an artist, said the other day with a smile on his face that he would consider to look into the possibility of doing perma-art. I guess that is actually what you are doing.
I will let him know about your idea.

I also think, it would be desirable, if your project would not only succeed in terms of activism, but also in terms of the crop’s growth and development.

One of the projects that I have in mind for myself is to grow barley in a similar way as Fukuoka grew rice. That is pretty much want you want to do I guess. So maybe we should keep in touch and exchange experience in order to succeed at all level! 

Best wishes

>>> Martin Mikush <martinmikush at gmail.com> 15-09-09 7:08 >>>
with a group of activists in Bulgaria , EU - moderate climate zone are
planning a local action to raise awareness of the CO2 levels and we discuss
our participation in the 350
We are considering some kind of land art on a large scale
Anyone with experience witk seed balls seeded in autumn ?
for example - we gather , make seed balls(Great communal activity ) and then
spread them in certan designed / desired pattern , then cover tnem with
straw or other  type of mulch to preserve them for the winter ?

Will appreciate any answers , suggestions ,

Peace and Prosperity

Martin Mikush

Martin Mikush_______
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