[permaculture] [SANET-MG] Future role of urban, local, and regional food systems

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Subject: Re: [SANET-MG] Future role of urban, local, and regional food systems
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 15:20:25 -0400
From: Karl North <northsheep at JUNO.COM>

Quality and quantity of food needed requires definition as a starting point
in any discussion of this subject. If the assumption is today's population
and current quality and quantity per capita, I doubt that is possible given
the energy descent we (the global population)are now facing. Available
energy is crucial to figuring carrying capacity.

Skipping that issue for now, I am currently writing a paper on the kinds
and nature of food production for a county relocalization project. The
project goal is to think and write about how to solve the problems of food,
shelter, transport, etc in a future that assumes a permanent,sharply lower
energy supply.

The first two parts of a 3 part paper in progress are available here:
Comments and criticism will be appreciated.

Papers so far on other aspects of relocalization in Tompkins County, New
York are here:

One that discusses the question of carrying capacity is here:


Karl North
Northland Sheep Dairy, Freetown, New York USA
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