[permaculture] HR2749 (S. 510)

Johnathan Yelenick yelenick at riseup.net
Wed Sep 16 16:40:30 EDT 2009

Sorry, I didn't realize you were so sensitive to that list and its 
members. In my experience, I have found the information coming from that 
list quite useful, particularly as it pertains to sustainable and 
organic agriculture. Let people make up their own mind about it. An all 
encompassing condemnation is bad form. Besides, any list has its loons. 
Earth's sake, I could name a few on this list.
Johnathan Yelenick

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> Johnathan Avery Yelenick wrote:
>> Hi Y'all,
>> Just passing along some information of interest to farmers on this list
>> who may produce value-added products. You might be affected. See below...
>> I'm passing along this message from the Market Farm list I'm on.
> Please do not Xpost anything from that list into this forum. Any news
> there gets jacked around by loons and their personal agendas to the point
> that what started out as useful becomes useless. And they are mostly of a non-sustainable/organic
> or anti-sustainable/organic bent, pro chemical farming and probably clueless about PermaCulture, too [P]olitically
> [C]orrect for them most likely.
> You can read worthwhile news updates on this bill in the sanet forum and its arhives.
> See in particular all posts from Chrys Ostrander, especially ones over the past year.
> They are easy to find month by month, just sort by message author.
> Visit the SANET-MG archives at: http://lists.sare.org/archives/sanet-mg.html.
> Questions? Visit http://www.sare.org/about/sanetFAQ.htm.
> For more information on grants and other resources available through the SARE program, please visit http://www.sare.org.
> Here's the most recent from Chrys who wrote the post you forwarded and was given no credit for it, as hell of a note
> but as expected from those loons:

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