[permaculture] Soil Injections via Keyline?

Ben Falloon benjamin at taranakifarm.com
Mon Sep 14 06:22:45 EDT 2009


As some of you know, I've recently knocked together a system of  
injecting inoculant 'compost tea' directly into the root zone of  
pasture plants via the keyline plow; the development of which I've  
documented on my farm blog.


Clearly the benefits of combining these two methods with respect to  
soil building and health will be immense.

Are there any suggestions for other beneficial fluid or solids that I  
might inject into the soil while keyline plowing? My rig includes a  
new platform so I have space to lug material. I'm employing the so  
called 'fertliser boots' to deliver the tea into the soil. I'd like to  
stimulate possibilities for the purpose of adding 'value' to a single  
tractor pass...

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,
Ben Falloon

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