[permaculture] How to acquire land....& community

SArjuna at aol.com SArjuna at aol.com
Sat Sep 12 18:15:22 EDT 2009

Someone here said:
>  "One thing you mentioned [that] could provide a third way between 
> joining or forming a community and striking off on your own is to settle next to 
> an existing community, be it a progressive town or ecovillage.  That way, 
> you can benefit from and contribute to the existing community, without being 
> restricted by the group process to the same degree." 
This is what my husband and I are contemplating.   Two years ago we bought 
a wonderful piece of land in SW Wisconsin with two other couples we'd just 
met through local posting of a page about our vision.    The plan was to 
create a permaculture farm community with 6 households.   We were able work 
through differences regarding focus on farming vs. focus on setting up a folk 
skills school, but were not able to work through personality conflicts.    Now 
we are working on how to sell the property.   

 My husband and I lost two years of getting-settled-and-prepared time, tens 
of thousands of dollars and the desire to start a community.    But now 
what?   Should we stay in the area of SE WI where we are now, where like-minded 
folks are few and far between but we know a few, (This would still mean a 
move to a place with space to grow food in a serious way.)   or move to SW WI 
where organic farming and permaculture are popular but we'd be starting as 

 We are both 65 this fall.   We're in good health and experienced at 
gardening, heating with wood, etc. but the prospect of one of us eventually living 
alone somewhere on a country property is sobering.    We have some big 
decisions to make really soon.   

 Meanwhile, if you decide to start a community, I heartily suggest you take 
Diana Christian's book, Creating A Life Together, as your bible.    If we'd 
followed every step she outlines, we'd have realized we were not in the 
right company before we had committed ourselves to the purchase of the land.

   Also, if you live where winters are cold, think about a woodlot as a 
priority when looking at land.

   Shivani in WI


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