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A neighbor used Eucalyptus (probably globulus) for poles and beams in a largish rammed earth construction.  He took off the bark and let it dry for one summer (probably not enough).  The poles are between 4 to 5 meters tall and the beams are about 3 to 4 meters.  Especially the large poles did split a good deal, which didn't seem to impede strength though.  Anyway, he put some ion rings around some of the poles just to be on the save side..  I think you have to take the bark off if you intend the structure to last for a long time.
Dieter Brand

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Hola from Chile.
Has anyone out there used Eucalyptus globulus and / or E. nitens as round
pole for post and beam? Do you know if it´s possible to use it green, and
with or without bark? I have seen both species used all over Peru and
Bolivia in adobe, but have conflicting responses from locals. We have used
it here in light roof construction and it splits heavily as it dries in
sweltering summer heat. We want to use for post, beam, rafter and purlin in
cabins with light straw clay. Any advice and resources welcome.

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